Candidates Running For Election and Election Results (Unofficial) After Recount 

Results will be certified 12 pm Friday Oct 20th

Candidates for the Office of Mayor:

(List is OFFICIAL, Results are UNOFFICIAL)

Candidates for the Office of Councillor:

(List is OFFICIAL, Results are UNOFFICIAL) 

* indicates incumbent   ^^Denotes Elected (unofficial)

  • Fenton, Charles R.A. 197
  • Handley, Jennifer 597 ^^
  • Barker, Julie 358
  • Czop, Victor^^ 372
  • Dozeman, John Geert^^ 507
  • Huk, Judy Jadwiga 76
  • Kowalchuk, Michael 160
  • McLelland, Robert Daniel (Dan)^^ 431

  • Mitchell, David*^^ 525
  • Nemisz, Peter Paul 243
  • Roth, Marty 110
  • West, Beryl*^^ 504
  • Wickett, Terry^^ 691

General Information

The Town of Nanton will be holding its General Municipal Election this year on October 16, 2017.  In this election, there will be a vote for one position as Chief Elected Official (Mayor) and six Councillors.

The Town of Nanton has compiled important information in the Candidate’s Guide 2017 that can assist potential candidates in consideration of the commitment to the four-year term as a Council Member, whether as a Councillor, or Mayor for this community. Individuals may also speak with the current Council Members to assist in the decision to participate.

Under the requirements of the Local Government Elections Act of Alberta, Part 5.1, Sections 147.1 to 147.92, candidates intending to participate in this year’s election process who may be accepting or allocating any funds towards an election campaign, may be required to file a disclosure statement and register with the Town.

With Nomination Day scheduled on September 18, 2017, four weeks in advance of the election itself, potential candidates are encouraged to read the Alberta Government’s document Running for Municipal Office in Alberta:  A Candidate’s Guide.  A nomination form can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

2017 Nomination Form

Free Leadership Seminar Available to Candidates

The SLGM in partnership with Alberta Municipal Affairs will be offering five (5) training sessions for potential candidates and their campaign workers in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie.

Call (780)796-3839 to register, click here for more information.

More Candidate Information

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association has launched a web portal of information for candidates seeking municipal office. Click here to access it.

Why Run? 

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of Council is key to effective governance.  As a member of Council, you will have the opportunity to learn the processes involved to significantly influence the future of Nanton.  Healthy, respectful and informed debate with fellow Council members leads to productive decision-making that will benefit the majority of the residents of this community. 

For reading interest, please refer to the following lighthearted writing:  Five Terrible Reasons to Run for Municipal Office.


1.         Show your identification.  Refer to Town of Nanton Bylaw #1247/13 for specific detail.

2.         Confirm your eligibility by reading and signing the voter’s register.

3.         Receive your ballots – ensure the election worker has initialled the outside of ballot

4.         Enter the voting compartment to mark your ballots

  • On each ballot, mark an “X” for the candidates of your choice, ensuring no more than the number of eligible positions available are voted upon.
  • Refold the ballots so your marks are not showing.

5.         Cast your ballots

  • An election worker will check the initials on the outside of the ballots
  • Place your ballots in the appropriate ballot box.
  • Leave the voting station immediately after voting

 Town of Nanton Municipal Election Day:  Monday, October 16th, 2017 at the Nanton Community Centre

Advance voting date and location:  Thursday, October 12th at Silver Willow Lodge from 10 am to 6 pm

Interested in being an election worker?

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Successfully complete online FOIP training prior to mandatory election training
  • Previous experience as an election worker or knowledge of the Alberta Local Authorities Election Act is an asset
  • Maintain confidentiality and diplomacy while working with personal information
  • Excellent mathematical, customer services, public relations, and problem solving skills

Positions are filled as applications are received. Don’t wait, apply early!

What does an election worker do?

Election workers help administer the voting and counting process under the direction of the Returning Officer and the Deputy Returning Officer. Some of the duties that an election worker might be required to perform include:

  • Setting up and taking down the voting station
  • Provide information to the Public and help voters through the voting process
    • Verify voter identification and complete name and address on Voting Registers for voters
    • Administer election statement
    • Issue and process ballots for voters
    • Reconcile ballots received at the start, during and at the end of election day
    • Complete all documentation
  • Counting ballots

Long hours are typical on Election Day, starting around 9 a.m. and sometimes ending after 11 p.m. Election workers cannot leave the voting station for any reason on Election Day, including meals which must be brought with you.

You may also be offered a stand-by worker position, which means that you will train for multiple roles that you may be called upon to take on should there be a last minute cancellation by another Election Worker. If you agree to be a stand-by worker, you must be ready to arrive at the assigned location on short notice on Election Day.

How to apply to be an election worker

Application deadline will remain open until such time as all positions are filled.  Please submit your application to the Town of Nanton Administrative Office at 1907 – 21 Avenue, during regular business hours which are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  For more information, please call (403) 646-2029.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.