Garbage & Recycling

wheelie bins position


When do we get the bins?

Two new bins will arrive in your driveway/in front of your house, on Monday August 21st.

How much will I have to pay for the bins?

The Town will pay for the initial cost of the bins.

How will the town know which bins belong to me?

They will have serial numbers. These serial numbers are assigned to each specific address.

Can I mark the bins so they don't get mixed up with my neighbour's waste bins?

Yes, you can put the house number on the bins, or the house and street address. You can't put your name on them as the bins are assigned to the property. If you move, the bins stay with the house.

Which bin is which?

The black bin is for garbage (solid waste). The blue bin is for recycling.

When will we start using the new system?

Tuesday August 29th you will begin using your new bins.
Sept 5th is the first day of garbage (solid waste) collection. Wednesday Sept 6th is the first day of recycling collection.

Do I put the bins out on the curb or in the alley?

The front curb.

Why the curb and not the alley?

Alley pick-up has a number of challenges for the automated system and would cost significantly more. 

How much room is needed for the bins?

You need 1 meter (3 feet) clearance for the bins. There has to be 1 meter on each side of the bin. Please make sure there aren't any low hanging branches if the bin is under a tree.

What time do the bins have to be out by in the morning?

7 am 

What day of the week is pickup?

Garbage (solid waste) pickup is collected every Tuesday.

Recycling pickup is collected every Wednesday.

What time do the bins have to be off the street?

The bins have to be off the street by 7 am the next morning. For black bins, they have to be off the street 7 am on Wednesdays. Blue bins have to be off the street by 7 am on Thursdays.

How much is this going to cost me?

Current Cost (Bimonthly)New Cost (Bimonthly)
Garbage (solid waste)$22$15

Will it hold as much garbage as the old system?

The new bins hold 65 gallons. It should hold more than the old 3 bag allowance. Do not overfill the bins. The lids have to be closed for the system to work properly.

If you have additional bags you must purchase additional garbage tags from the Town Office and place the tagged bags by the bin.

What about grass and branches?

The depot will still be open, and that is where you will take any branches and grass. You can drop off your branches (under 5 cm in diameter) and grass during normal operating hours.

Can I opt out of the Recycling Program?

Unfortunately, no. You can choose to take your recyclables elsewhere, but the bimonthly charge will remain the same.

What can I recycle?

Make sure all your recyclables are un-bagged. The exceptions are plastic bags and shredded paper. Both must be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Click here to see the list of things you can recycle.

If you have any other questions or concerns about garbage or recycling services, please contact the Town Office at (403) 646-2029.