Garbage & Recycling

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Garbage Collection

Nanton has a weekly garbage collection every Monday, including holidays unless otherwise specified.
  • Each residence is permitted three bags of garbage that are contained in a covered receptacle. 
  • Residential garbage collection makes up $22.00 per bimonthly utility bill.
  • Excess garbage tags are available for $2.00 each.
  • The Town of Nanton is not responsible for commercial or industrial garbage collection. These services must be arranged by the individual of the commercial or industrial lot.
Please read the Town of Nanton’s Waste Collection and Recycling Bylaw for more information.

Special Collection Programs

  • Spring Clean-up (Once a year)
  • Tire Collection 
  • Tree branches, leaves, grass 
  • Electronics (All year)

Foothills Regional Landfill

This waste management facility is centrally located on secondary Highway 783, approximately 3.5 miles south of Okotoks on Highway 7.  For more information on this facility, please visit their website.