Mayor Everett

Rick Everett - Mayor
Rick was elected Mayor of the Town of Nanton in 2013. Rick and his spouse Rusty have lived in the Nanton since 2005. They have four children and six grandchildren all residing in Alberta. Rick is a Mining Technician, a National Construction Safety Officer and holds certifications in Adult and Continuing Education, Board Governance; Strategic Planning; Organizational Development and Leadership. Rick’s experience was gained through thirty years at Syncrude Canada Ltd.; Executive Director of the Oil Sands Safety Association; Principal of Athabasca Business Development and various positions in the mining industry in Ontario and Labrador. Rick believes that it is through the building of relationships and promoting dialogue on “what is possible”, collectively we can develop a future that is focused, energizing, and exciting.

Corrine Anchoris
Corrine (Leong) Anchoris - Councillor 
Born and raised in the Town of Nanton. She experienced living in the city for about 6 years, but prefers the small town life style. She graduated from J.T. Foster in 1996 and moved to Edmonton where she received her diploma as a Level II Dental Assistant from NAIT. She worked for several years as a dental assistant before deciding to move back to Nanton to help with the family business and raise a family. Since her return to town, she has had the opportunity to volunteer in several projects including the building of the new playgrounds and the Nanton Women’s Conference.

As a newly elected council member, she is looking forward to positively influencing the growth of this town; a town that she plans to call home for several years to come. She believes that her experience as a business owner, a long time resident and a mother of three young children will help bring perspective to the issues brought to council. Her experiences allow her to understand both the residential and commercial concerns. 

Jennifer Handley
Jennifer Handley - Councillor
Jen was born and raised in Calgary and has lived in Nanton for the last 8 years. She is proud to be serving Nanton as a councillor. She believes her experience as a realtor for the last 10 years and as a licensed electrician prior to that will bring a unique and useful perspective to council. Her focus for Nanton is to encourage the business community and local attractions to work together by collaborating on events and strategic marketing initiatives, with the goal of supporting local business, attracting new investment opportunities, bringing more visitors - and ultimately more residents to Nanton. Jen is committed to keeping the citizens of Nanton informed on all key issues and encourages an open dialogue between council, administration and the residents of Nanton. Jen and her husband Geoff have 2 children and are a long time host family for international high school students attending JT Foster. She has a passion for cooking and entertaining. 
Jakob Hensel
Jakob Hensel - Councillor 
Jakob is in his second term of council for the town of Nanton. Jakob moved to Nanton in 2006 with his wife and two young daughters, now 8 and 10. Jakob graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in business Operations and Management. Jakob is a General Contractor and has run his own business for 6 years. Jakob has been on the Nanton volunteer Fire Department for 6 years.
Christophe Labrune
Christophe Labrune - Councillor
Christophe was born and raised in the French Alps and has worked in different parts of the world including Tahiti, Morroco and Switzerland. In 1994 he moved to Canada where he started a personal training business in Vancouver. He later moved to Alberta where he built a network in the ranch industry which brought him to Nanton to ride with a horse trainer, Christophe now owns and operates K32 Fitness Studio in Nanton and is serving his first term as Town 
Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell - Councillor 
Dave has been a resident of Nanton for 32 years, moving to our town when he was 9.  Making the decision with his wife Trish to raise their 3 children, Sydnee, Abbey and Jack, in the same community they grew up in was easy. Dave is very active in the community, aside from his duties on town council, he his president of Nanton Minor Hockey, a member of the Nanton Promoters service club, sits on the Nanton Future Foundation board and coaches minor hockey and little league baseball. Dave has been a contract field operator for Petro-Canada, Suncor and currently for Legacy Oil and Gas in the Turner Valley field. Some of his other activities include golf, skiing, hockey and most of all spending time with his rather large extended family. 
Beryl West
Beryl West - Councillor 
Beryl is serving her first term as Town Councillor after running on a platform that focused on the importance of well considered long term planning, open and approachable communication, re-vitalizations of the downtown, civic pride, green spaces and weed control. Beryl graduated from McGill University with a degree in geography but a love of all things horticultural led to an apprenticeship in horticulture ad a successful career as a gardener, garden designer and consultant.