Boards, Committees, and Commissions

Standing Committee
Ongoing Committee established by Town Council that shall continue in force until terminated by a Town Council Resolution
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Assessment Review Board
  • General Government Services Committee
  • Protective Services Committee
  • Public Services Committee
Special Purpose Committee
A Committee, Board, or Commission which is established under the legislated powers of the Town but has its own Constitution or Bylaws
  • Nanton Municipal Library Board
  • Nanton Fire Department
Ad Hoc Committee
A short term Committee which is specific in purpose and has a clearly defined life span

Joint Committee
A Committee that is created through agreement with one or more other bodies
  • Nanton Health Centre Management Committee
  • Calgary Regional Partnership
  • Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance
  • Oldman River Regional Services Commission
  • Chinook Arch Regional Library System
External Committee
A Committee not established by Town Council but to which Town Council members and/or citizens may be appointed by
  • Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission
  • Foothills Regional Services Commission
  • Highwood Management Plan Public Advisory Committee
  • Nanton Quality of Life Foundation
  • Kosy Korner Association Board
  • Nanton & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Nanton Lancaster Society Board
  • Community Futures Highwood
  • Mosquito Creek Foundation
  • Nanton Golf Club
  • Nanton & District Community Memorial Centre Society