Corporate Services / Finances

Located at the Town of Nanton offices. We are the first point of contact. We are here to help residents and visitors with information and/or concerns; connecting people to the resources that need. This includes:

  • Budget - we do the background work and preparation so that accurate information can be provided to Council for their consideration when creating and approving the budget.
  • Financial Reporting - we prepare and report financial information in compliance with accounting standards, to stakeholders (Council, Province of Alberta, residents, etc.). This also includes day to day operations like accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.
  • Administration of Utilities & Taxation - we help residents with utility billing and property taxation; ensuring accuracy and committed to friendly customer service.
  • Licensing - we manage licensing here. This includes but isn't limited to business licensing, dog licensing, signage leasing, etc.
  • Communication - we use this website, social media, Nanton Notified (newsletter included in your utilities), the local paper, the electronic signage at each end of town, and various other methods to make sure people are in the know.
  • Marketing - throughout the year we undertake and/or support many activities that promote the town.