Each municipality is required by legislation to prepare and adopt an annual or multi-year budget.  The Town of Nanton budget has three components; operating budget, capital budget, and allocations to reserves.  The budget is based on the services and activities which fulfil the Town Council’s strategic plan. 

The Operating Budget is a detailed estimate of expenditures needed for services such as road repair, water and waste water provision, park maintenance, recreational programming, etc.  Expenditures are partially off-set by revenues such as user fees, franchise fees, and rentals.

The Capital Budget compliments the Operations Budget by providing cost estimates for projects which increase the physical (tangible) assets of the Town that are used to provide services and programs; for example buildings, machinery, roads.  The greatest percentages of these projects are funded by grants and reserves. 

Finally the budget process determines what funds will be placed in the Town’s reserves for future use.  Reserves are used to fund unexpected expenses (contingency reserves) or to save over time for major capital projects (capital reserves) such as replacing roads or significant building upgrades. 

The three elements come together and the net amount is the municipal tax required to support the budget.  

This section to be updated soon!

 Operating Expenditures  $
           Operating Revenue  $    
 Capital Expenditure  
           Grants, Debentures & Transfer from Reserves  $
 Transfer to Reserves  $
 Debt Repayment by Taxation - Principle  $

2018 Budget


by Department

Each department is responsible for their budget by determining projected revenues and expenses. Once the difference of revenues offsets the budgeted expenses, the difference equals the total amount of tax required to support the budget. 

 Legislative Services (Council)  $                                
 Administration  $
 Protective Services (Fire & Bylaw)  $
 Public Services  $
 Utility Services  $
Planning & Development  $
 Marketing & Communications  $
 Parks & Recreation  $
 Culture, FCSS, Public Health  $

Budget Highlights - to be updated soon

Keeping rates as minimal as possible was one of the top priorities for the 2017 budget while ensuring that services remained the same and considering the impact of the carbon tax and the current economy. The budget was approved with a small increase of 1% from the previous year.  Some of the top capital and operation projects include:

Capital Projects - will be updated soon

  •  Completion of the waste water treatment plant
    in April
  •  Continue with valve and hydrant replacement
    throughout the Town
  •  Further upgrades to improve the water treatment plant
  •  Upgrades to the THRC
  •  Downtown Enhancement

 Major Operational Initiatives - will be updated soon

  •  Canada 150 Celebrations
  •  Employee safety program
  •  Upgrades to shrub and tree beds
  •  Continuation of alley upgrades
  •  Continue review of the Municipal Development Plan
  •  Review and creation of standards policies
  •  Increase in grants to support services provided by
    community groups