Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw 1246/13 regulates the development and use of lands and buildings within the community. The town is broken down into land use districts, each having certain uses which are allowed and their standards for development. The Land Use Bylaw also covers such things as demolition and removal of buildings, signage, enforcement, parking, fencing, decks, and landscaping, to name a few.

Prior to applying for development on a parcel that is not zoned for the proposed use, a Land Use Bylaw amendment must be made to change its classification. An amendment to the Land Use Bylaw requires three readings at council and a public hearing prior to second reading. It may take three months or more before a development permit can then be reviewed under the new zoning. 

For permit applications, see Permits.

To see a copy of the land use district map, see Maps.

2023 Land Use Bylaw Update Project

Please see the Public Participation page for project updates!