Development Permits

Development permits are required for most new construction and major acts of renovation or structural changes to existing buildings. A permit may also be required for a change of use to land or buildings and for new or replaced sign structures. 


An appeal may be launched by the applicant or by any other affected persons by filing a notice of appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Notifications must be made in writing and contain reasons for the appeal and be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Appeal board decisions may be appealed to the Court of Appeal on a point of law or jurisdiction.  


A permit is required prior to the placement of a sign on any commercial, industrial or home occupation location.  Some types of signs (i.e. billboards and off-site advertising) are not permitted.  Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw or contact the Development  Officer prior to the design and placement of your proposed sign.

Home Occupations 

Under the Land Use Bylaw, a home occupation is defined as any occupation, trade, profession or craft carried on by the occupant as a use secondary to the residential use of the lot, but does not have any exterior evidence of such secondary use. In order to apply for a business license for a home occupation, the first step is to acquire a permit. 

Safety Codes Permits - Building, Electrical, Gas and Plumbing

All new applications for building, electrical, gas, and plumbing permits can be dropped off at the Town Office, with payment, to be sent for further handling to:
Superior Safety Codes Inc.
422 North Mayor Magrath Drive
Lethbridge, AB T1H 6H7 
Ph: 877-320-0734 

For information on safety codes regulations and requirements visit the Superior Safety Codes website. Permit applications can also be filled out online.

The Safety Codes Council website also has an array of Safety Tips & Brochures on common residential renovation projects, such as basement development and installation of swimming pools.  Before starting your project check with the town for municipal regulations that may also apply.  

Public Trees and Development Services

Questions around the regulation of Public Trees and new development can be addressed on this page.  Bylaw 1349/21, sections 3.1.7 and 3.1.8 outline how developers interact with the Town in  situations where a construction or other project is within 6 metres of Public Trees and may result in impacts.  If you are a developer with questions around Public Tree removal or planting, please contact