Developer Information

A developer may be required to install and construct certain municipal improvements and services as a condition of a development permit or subdivision approval. The obligations of a developer are addressed in the form of a Development Agreement between the town and the developer. 

The Municipal Improvements Policy sets out the town’s processes and obligations regarding the installation, construction, maintenance, and acceptance of the work undertaken by a developer. It is advised that developers meet with, prior to application for subdivision or development, the Planning and Development officer to discuss the requirements of the Development Agreement, standards, and design guidelines for subdivisions, off-site levies, and applicable land use documents.
Nanton GIS Map
The link below provides a an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) formatted map of Nanton.  Users can search for a property using a street or legal address, zoom into any desired area, select parcels of land and view land use district information and assessed values.   

Use the legend to select various mapping layers such as high resolution orthophoto images, and use tools to print or convert the map to an adobe file. If you require further assistance, please contact Georgina Sharpe.

Nanton GIS Map

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