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The Town of Nanton maintains its own cemetery, located just off Secondary Highway 533 West on Range Road 282, visible from Highway 2 Southbound. Landscaping  and preparations for interments are the managed by staff, ensuring a respectful and dignified setting for families and loved ones.

From genealogical research to purchasing burial rights, the Staff at the Town Office can offer personalized assistance to individuals or families. Please do not hesitate to inquire at the Town Office for any pre-need or memorialization requirements. Alternate options include; regular casket lots, urn lots, columbaria with urn niches, and a memorial wall.  These options can be reserved for future planning.  Please refer to the “Cemetery Bylaw” for further information, including fees, pre-need sales and permitted monuments. 

While every care will be taken during maintenance, the Town is not responsible for the maintenance, condition, theft or replacement of unauthorized breakable, decorations or mementos at the gravesite (e.g. solar lights, figurines, whirlygigs, vases).  Report any significant gravesite disturbance, vandalism or maintenance concerns to the Town.

Nanton Mapping GIS  This link will take you to the Town's mapping website. Once there, simply click on the graphic link that says "Search Cemetery" to explore the public information available more thoroughly.

Cemetery Information

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