Council Background

Jennifer Handley

Jennifer Handley - Mayor 

Jen was first elected in 2013 as Councillor, and re-elected in 2017 and 2021, now serving her second term as Mayor.  She continues to be an active volunteer throughout Nanton on several committees and always tries to make herself available
for the needs of Nanton.

Jen was born and raised in Calgary and moved to Nanton in 2006. Her professional career included working as an electrician for the Calgary Stampede and in the Fort McMurray oilfields; since 2003, she has been a residential real estate agent selling homes in both Calgary and Nanton. She lives in Nanton with her husband Geoff, their son Gavin (12), daughter Claire (10) and her two cocker spaniels Clover and Meadow. Gavin and Claire keep her and her husband busy with Gavin’s involvement in many sports and Claire with competitive dance. As a family, they enjoy travelling and have had some incredible trips over the years; their favourite being Contadora Island in Panama.
Victor Czop

Victor Czop - Councillor 

Victor was born and raised here in Alberta, with his early years in small towns and on the farm. After living in a few areas throughout the province, Victor settled in High River where he lived for sixteen years.

 Even from the first year in High River, with the game of golf as his passion, his experiences at the Nanton Golf Course, dealing with the people he met here and the town itself, he made the right decision to move to Nanton and establish his final set of roots. It was indeed, the right choice in life to get back to an environment that was most comfortable and enjoyable.

Victor’s living and work experiences included various industries. Having undertaken leadership roles and attaining management skills, Victor felt his experiences and knowledge would be useful in representing this community as a member of a strong team of individuals.

 Victor believes that as a person ages from youth to senior years, the experiences one has throughout life are immeasurable educational opportunities that should continue, and these prepare individuals to be the pillars of the community to work towards a better world for future generations.
Kevin Todd

Kevin Todd - Councillor

Nanton is a special place for my family and myself. I was born and raised in this community and have had the privilege to do the same with my family. I consider myself lucky to live and work here and be part of the town as Councillor. My two daughters have had the opportunity to attend small town rural school and my wife works in the school in the library and as a Teachers Aid. I hope to be able to retire here and play copious amount of golf.
I have a keen interest in the business of the Town. I have been an active member of the community through volunteering with the Nanton Futures Foundation, Nanton Promoters, and the Nanton Golf Club.
I love the outdoors and am fortunate to enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and quadding in our big, beautiful backyard of the Rocky Mountains. When I am on holidays outside of Canada, one of my favourite activities is scuba diving which is why I have developed a love for the islands of Hawaii. 
I have a background in finance and keen entrepreneurial spirt that has me travel the province and beyond as part of my work life. I like collaborating with people and am especially drawn to small towns and their unique personalities. However, I am always brought back home to Nanton which I truly believe is a hidden gem in the heart of our beautiful province. 

Ken Sorenson

Ken Sorenson - Councillor

Dave Mitchell

Dave Mitchell - Councillor 

Dave has called Nanton home for the past 41 years. He and his wife of 21 years, Trish, are busy raising their three children in the same town they both grew up in. Dave is active in the community, volunteering his time on various boards outside of Council.

For the past sixteen years he has worked as a contract operator in the Turner Valley oil and gas field, currently for Crescent Point Energy. Dave looks forward to serving the citizens of Nanton for this, his fourth term as Councillor.

Roger Miller

Roger Miller - Councillor 

Roger Miller is a semi-retired avid motorcyclist, fly fisherman and woodworker. 
Throughout his career, Roger gained 25 years of project management, 25 years of consulting engineering, 45 years of building construction and maintenance experience and building performance consulting. Over the course of his career, Roger worked with well-known clients such as City of Calgary, Foothills School Division and the Alberta Provincial Government. He has been a resident of Alberta for 44 years.  
Roger is passionate about continued improvement. He believes in community focused governance and sharing concerns from the residents of the Town. 
As a relative newcomer to Nanton, he brings a unique perspective to the table with an in-depth understanding of new resident needs and wants which is especially crucial with the addition of so many residents in the past 18 months. He believes that as a community, we have access to an array of resources and a fantastic opportunity to develop these into a Nanton Newbie resource to create a sense of community for our new residents.  
Roger is committed to providing the residents of the town of Nanton a strong voice to find SOLUTIONS to the issues that impact their daily lives.  

John Dozeman

Hello, my name is John Geert Dozeman.  I have lived and worked in Nanton for over 40 years, after my parents moved here in 1976.   My wife Morgan and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls; Madison and Makenzie and they are both as active in the community as we are. We have also been fortunate to host students from the foreign exchange program for the past five years.

 Having worked for the Town of Nanton as the Parks & Recreation Manager and volunteering for the Nanton Fire Department for 25 years, I look forward to continuing to serve Nanton as a Councillor.  Through community engagement and communication, I believe we can make Nanton an even better place to raise a family, build a business and be a great place to visit.

 I believe that businesses are a vital part of the community and we must ensure that those existing, wishing to expand or potentials contemplating re-locating to our community, must be supported in the process. With business growth, residential growth follows.  Infrastructure is also a primary issue, whether above or below ground, we must ensure that it is maintained and carefully monitored for replacement to avoid critical issues with our existing assets.

I look forward to continuing to serve our Town and hearing from the community.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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