Council Highlights

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Dec 3, 2018

  • Council requested further information in the matter of whose responsibility a new fire hydrant was in conjunction with a development
  • Council is to present the draft 2019-2021 Strategic Plan to staff on December 12th
  • Council approved minor amendments to the annual gran disbursement Criteria Policy
  • Council requested more information from Administration in regards to the approval of the new Inter-municipal Agreement with the MD of Willow Creek for the provision of Community Peace Officer Services
  • Council reviewed an overview of the Town’s insurance policy and claims from the prior years.
  • Council moved to support the recommendations of the Regional Fire Services Study Steering Committee and will participate in negotiations for finalize a new agreement
  • Council reviewed the new “Respectful Workplace Policy” and the “Disciplinary Policy” requesting the Administration present them to staff for input prior to bringing them back to Council for final approval

Nov 19, 2018

  • Alberta Environment and Parks Representatives presented information on water allocation and municipal wells.  Discussion ensued on what is the best course of action for the Town’s Water Esthetics.
  • Council appointed Jennifer Handley, Mayor as voting member and Rick Everett as Member-at-Large (non-voting) to the Nanton Medical Clinic Construction Committee.
  • Council approved a per diem for the Council members who sat on the CAO selection group commensurate with the time spent.
  • Council approved closure of the THRC warm room until such time as a number of moderate safety concerns are addressed.
  • Council approved grant allocations for the 2019 Budget totaling $ 18,300
  • The Planning and Development Officer provided an excellent historical report on the development of Westview Phase I to IV.

Nov 5, 2018

  • Alberta Municipal Affairs was present to observe the Council meeting as part of a routine visit
  • Council conducted a public hearing on the amendment of the land use bylaw in conjunction with the expansion of Raffin Transit Mix, the amendment was subsequently passed by Council
  • Council conducted a public hearing on the amendment of the Land Use Bylaw in conjunction with changes to the Municipal Government Act, the amendment was subsequently passed by Council
  • The draft Snow and Ice Control Policy was reviewed and referred to the November 19th meeting for finalization
  • The 2019-2021 Capital Budget information was presented and referred to the December 3rd meeting for finalization
  • Council initiated discussions on the creation of three new committees; the Water Resource Committee; the Recreation Committee, and the Economic Development Committee.
  • Council approved purchase of 15 new sets of bunker gear and fire boots in partnership with the MD of Willow Creek
  • Council appointed Monique Jeffrey as Interim Chief Administrative Officer
  • Council appointed Neil Smith as Chief Administrative Officer effective January 7, 2019
  • Council deferred a decision on compensation for the Council members involved in the recruitment of the CAO

Oct 15, 2018

  • Council reviewed the Snow and Ice Control Policy and minor changes were identified.  The policy will be updated by Administration and brought back to Council for approval
  • The Fees and Rates Bylaw was amended to include additional rates for non-prime time rental of ice at THRC
  • Council approved the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw; establishing guidelines for how appeals are heard
  • Council approved the Designated Officers Bylaw; the bylaw gives authority for certain positions and or people to act on behalf of the Town in specific matters.
  • There will be a minor alley closure to accommodate work by Fortis in Block 40 & 41; all area residents affected will be notified by Fortis.

Oct 1, 2018

  • Doug Morrison, President, Nanton Memorial Community Center, presented on the condition of the four furnaces at the Community Center one of which is not working and needs repair.  Council approved repair of the furnace at the Nanton Community Center and asked Administration to ensure a replacement program was created for future budgets.
  • The Town of Nanton Facility User Policy was approved
  • Council moved to increase the ATCO franchise fee from 15% to 17% and the Fortis franchise fee from 7% to 9%.  The franchise fee is levied on customer bills and then passed on to the Town of Nanton.  Franchise fees make part of the Town’s annual revenue and support various maintenance initiatives.  Council further directed Administration to ensure that an infrastructure development plan was brought forward to support the increase.
  • The Town will be partnering with the MD of Willow Creek for the purchase of new fire radios;  the Town will pay 20% and the MD 80%.  The new radios will allow our firefighters to effectively and efficiently communicate with other fire departments when on a multi-department call.
  • Council has approved a borrowing by-law to support a $250, 000 line of credit to be used intermittently as bridge funding when investments have not matured in sync with cash flow needs.
  • Town Council will be holding a public hearing on proposed Land Use Bylaw changes 1308/18 and 1309/18 on November 5,2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Nanton Fire Hall
  • Council has requested Administration bring forward conceptual updates and clarification of the Snow Removal Policy to a Committee of the Whole meeting on October 15th, 2018.
  • The Town is engaging ISL Engineering to provide a report on the process required to add an additional well to the Town’s water allocation for Council’s consideration.
  • Administration will continue to work on getting the Jackson Well on line and enhancing the use of the Spring Line to increase their use in hopes of supporting better water aesthetics.
  • Council set additional special meeting dates for the completion of the 2019 budget.

Sept 17th​, 2018

  • Nanton Quality of Life did a presentation on the winter walking program at the Bomber Museum. Council approved a $1,500 grant in 2019 to the program contingent on the NQLF submitting a grant application.
  • Nanton Animal Protection Society presented a history of the organization and the building of the new shelter.  They requested support from the Town for utilities and other costs.  Council instructed Administration to seek further information from the Society
  • Nanton Skating Club gave an overview of the clubs activities and funding.
  • Council directed Administration to enter into discussions with the  Nanton Children’s Society for the lease of space in Centennial Park for an outdoor rink
  • Subsequent to the resignation of the current Chief Administrative Officer for personal reasons, the Governance Committee has commenced the process to recruit a new CAO.

Sept 4th, 2018

  • A public hearing to review Bylaw # 1307/18 regarding Alternative Methods of Communication was held.  One written response was heard
  • A public hearing to review Bylaw #1306/18 to adopt the Municipal Development Plan.  A summary of the open house was reviewed and a submission from Alberta Transportation.
  • Representatives from Livingstone Range School Division spoke about the modernization of JT Foster. LRSD would like to explore possible partnerships with the Town to mitigate possible downsizing of the school.
  • Bylaw # 1307/18 Alternative Methods of Communication was passed
  • Council directed that the Recreational Facility Use Policy will be taken to the user groups for input.
  • Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw giving parameters to the location of retail cannabis stores was passed
  • Council approved a submission to Alberta Community and Regional Economic Support Program for the purpose of business retention and expansion.
  • Council approved a four year per capital funding fee for Chinook Arch Library Board. 
  • Services Committee will be investigating alternative options for the Recycling Center
  • Plans are underway for the Mayor to meet with the Municipal Affairs Minister at the AUMA conference at the end of the month and discuss a range of issues.

July 23rd, 2018

  • 1st reading of amendment to Bylaw 1305/18 to allow for retail cannabis stores
  • 1st reading of the Bylaw to adopt the Municipal Development Plan, heating scheduled for September 4th
  • Council directed Administration to order signage for 26th Ave that will advise motorists to use caution when driving in the residential area.
  • New hours were approved for the Nanton Recycling Center and Administration was directed to implement a communication plan to advise users
  • Council approved a quote by Krawford Construction to install the new ventilation / dehumidification system at the Tom Hornecker Recreation Center for $522,000.
  • A request for “Disabled Parking” signage in front of a residence was approved with parameters
  • Council approved participation by the Town in the Alberta SouthWest project for a Regional "Townfolio" which will promote the Town to businesses seeking a location

August 13th, 2018

  •  A public hearing was held on the issue of where retail Cannabis stores can be located.  Council reviewed the results of a survey done on the website.  There were no presentations
  • 1st reading of Bylaw 1307/18 allowing for use of alternate methods (website, social media) in addition to traditional methods for notification of the public. A public hearing date of September 4th was set
  • 1st reading of the Town of Nanton Recreational Facility Use Policy was read
  • Appointment of three members to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board was made
  • A contribution of $150 was made to the Nanton Animal Protection fundraising calendar in exchange for a message from the Town in the calendar

June 4th, 2018

Chinook Arch Regional Library System CEO Robin Hepher and Nanton Thelma Fanning Librarian Gloria McGowan presented Council with a PowerPoint of their services available to our town. The front library entrance signs states, “more than books” - did you know your $20 library membership includes language classes, online courses, downloadable audiobooks (HELLO COMMUTERS!!) and Hoopla which is like Netflix with movies and tv shows?

Council and Administration are continuing to work through the Municipal Government Act (MGA) mandatory requirements for bylaws and policies. The draft for the public participation policy was reviewed and with our feedback, Administration will bring back revisions to Council for the June 18th meeting. We also approved the Code of Conduct for Members of Council Bylaw #1304/18 with all 3 readings. This bylaw clearly defines the expectations of Councillors in Nanton.

Back in March, there was a discussion brought forward to Council from the Governance Committee regarding the current remuneration policy. The committee members each dedicated in excess of 50 hours towards the hiring process of the new CAO. This included everything from writing the hiring ad, to reviewing and analyzing 55 resumes and 3 stages of interviewing candidates. It was determined that this was above and beyond the time expectations of their roles. In the discussion on Monday night, it was noted that the Council could have utilized the services of a hiring firm at the costs of approximately $20,000 to recruit a CAO but they chose the avenue of the committee as the best fit for this process. A recommendation was made (by a non-committee member) to compensate the four members of the committee with 5 days per diem each, amounting to $800 each, for a total of $2400. Furthermore, there was a recommendation made to review the remuneration policy as our new CAO had some recommendations from other municipalities to make the policy more concise.

The CAO report included an update on the proposal for the new public washrooms, the new wayfinding signage project, new initiatives for communicating with our business community and the process for opening the new public parking lot on 19th Street.

Jen Handley

Mayor of Nanton