Visitor Information Centre


Visitor Information Centre

The Town of Nanton Visitor Information Centre is located in the old MacEwan Schoolhouse on Hwy 2 Northbound.  It is a quaint little school house that was donated to the Town and turned visitor information centre. In this great little house, you will be greeted by our Nanton Ambassadors ready to help you along your travels. They can provide maps, travel support and great recommendations on the "coolest" places to see and go in Nanton and area. 

The VIC is open seven days a week from May to September and provides free WiFi.

MacEwan School House: A brief history

The land that the MacEwan Schoolhouse first occupied was donated by George Blake (NW-1-15-29-W4). Construction on the building itself finished in 1906. The school was to be named after either John MacEwan—one of the earliest homesteaders—or George Blake. A coin toss resulted in the school being called The MacEwan Schoolhouse. The first teacher was Anna M. Waters.

Despite construction on the schoolhouse having been completed in 1906 classes did not start until the spring of 1907. The first students who came to the school where young and small which only allowed the school to run in the spring and summer. Eventually, when the children where big enough to help with haying, the school adopted a regular academic year with a two-month summer holiday.

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