Southern AB Water Charter 2017


The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is a not-for-profit organization in Southern Alberta, Canada. We are one of 11 Watershed Advisory and Planning Councils in Alberta, mandated by the provincial government to provide an independent voice for watershed management and health under the Province's Water For Life strategy. 

The Council consists of the staff and OWC members who work collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve the Oldman river watershed by:

  • improving and sharing knowledge
  • building and strengthening stakeholder partnerships
  • providing a science-based forum for all voices to be heard
  • promoting and facilitating community and institutional action and stewardship
  • developing and implementing integrated land and water plans.

The Council is governed by a Board of Directors who are comprised of nineteen representatives from various stakeholder sectors, and four members at large.

The OWC was formed in September 2004, when the Oldman River Basin Water Quality Initiative (Initiative) merged with the Oldman Basin Advisory Council (BAC). When the Province's Water for Life strategy was released, these two groups combined to provide a diverse partnership knowledgeable in all areas of watershed management, including sustainable water management and land use practices in the Oldman Basin.

WPACs (Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils) are mandated to create a SOW (State of the Watershed Report) and an IWMP (Integrated Watershed Management Plan). The OWC has accomplished these targets, and is moving through implementation.

The Government's Water For Life Action Plan includes three goals that form the basis for policy direction and reflect social, economic, and environmental influences. 

Water For Life's 3 Goals:

Safe secure drinking water
Healthy aquatic ecosystems
Reliable quality water supplies for a sustainable economy