Community Events

The Town of Nanton manages community events and uses within Town facilities, public spaces, parks and trails, some of which require applications, agreements and/or permits. 

"If you are simply renting municipal facilities like the arena or pool for private or scheduled use (not a public event that attracts participants or spectators), simply contact our staff as normal - this process may not be for you." 

A community event application is required for the following:

  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Anyone who intends to hold a commercial or non-commercial activity or event that attracts participants and/or spectators, and includes, but is not limited to: a festival, competition, race, tournament, show, private event, ceremony, guided use or training within a Town facility, public space*, park or trail;
  • COMMERCIAL EVENTS: Anyone who intends to provide a commercial service within a Town facility, park or trail;
  • FILM INDUSTRY: Anyone who intends to carry on, with the intent of monetary return, commercial filming using still or motion photography in streets, parks, cemetery,  Town facilities, other public spaces.

*Applications are not required for events in municipal lands or improvements that are leased to third party entities like golf clubs, museums, etc.  

Community Event Policy (please read)Community Event Application Form
(only complete sections that apply to your event or that staff direct you to complete)
If you are  considering making a fireworks display part of an events package, please review this page:Fireworks | Nanton, AB - Official Website

Note: The Town does not handle bookings or fees for the Nanton Memorial Community CentreAgricultural/ Rodeo GroundsBomber Command MuseumKozy Korner (Seniors Centre), Grain Elevator Society oNanton Golf Club

An application must be submitted at least four weeks before the event or activity.  Applications that include street closures or noise exemptions should be submitted at least six weeks before the event.

To apply to hold an event in the community, the following is required:

  • Submission of a Community Events Application Form to Town Administration.
  • Submission of a signed copy of the release and indemnification form to the Town Administration (see Application Form).
  • Submission of special event insurance (proof of a comprehensive general liability insurance policy) to the Town Administration.

Are you a local group that need help with fees or insurance costs for an event?

Starting 2020, some funds will be made available to Nanton and area user groups and businesses for Municipal Facility Rental Sponsorship. While the Town cannot waive fees, it may choose to contribute up to $500 toward:

  • User fees charged by municipally-owned or managed public facilities, including damage deposits
  • Private general liability insurance policies that name the Town of Nanton as an additional insured for the purpose of a third-party event or activity on municipal property.
Grant Disbursement PolicyApplication Form

You can make a sponsorship request part of your event application package. 

As a special note to our local groups:  there is a significant difference between an organization holding an event on municipal property and the expectation that the Town hold a public event on behalf of an organization/user group. There’s a good chance that this process may not apply to the event if the Town is required to organize/run/staff/finance the event. Please make an appointment with Administration to discuss possible next steps, which may involve a delegation to Council. 

Event Insurance is always a key consideration for many groups.  It can be obtained from a number of private providers.