Strategic Priorities


The Town of Nanton’s Strategic Plan was developed by Council on March 7 and 8, 2022 to help establish their goals and guide their decision making as they start their term. The plan is organized around key strategic priorities and objectives.

It is important to note that the Strategic Plan is not a comprehensive operational plan listing every single planned task or project for the Town. Rather the Strategic Plan provides key areas of focus and ensure alignment with human resources and financial capacity. Therefore, priorities and action items are driven by operational and budgetary availability.

Specific objectives and action items may be amended, deferred or deleted by Council depending on changing financial, operational or political circumstances. Further this is a living document and will need to be flexible as progress is made on some initiatives, cascading action items fall out of planning documents and new priorities arise.


Nanton, a diverse, caring and enjoyable community that works together for a thriving future that is inspired by and honours its past.


The Town of Nanton will be innovative and pro-active in providing effective, efficient and affordable services to residents; developing strong and beneficial partnerships through awareness and communications.


Our Guiding Principles as we make decisions are:

• Quality Services

• Engaged and Caring

• Fiscally Responsible

• Authentic Destination

• Healthy Lifestyle

• Variety in Housing

• Thriving Businesses

Download the current Strategic Plan