Interested in your own Municipal Banner?

The Town of Nanton has a municipal banner program that it regularly renews and reviews.  Often we use pictures, text and graphics in line with a branding strategy or professional photographs that show the community in a positive light.  As renewal of these banners is something that happens regularly as others wear out or new images are used to stimulate interest, we want to leave the door open to all our residents and businesses to work with us on that program.  If you have an image that reflects a positive sense of community or business in Nanton, we would love to consider its addition to the program.   Simply send us a high resolution copy of the photograph with the completed release below.

  • We may not always be able to use a photograph and we will advise you of that outcome.  
  • Sometimes we may have to wait with an approved banner design until the budget is there for some banner renewals.
  • If you would like to work with us by sponsoring the cost of a new municipal banner with a desired image (approximately $250-300), we are more than happy to explore that with you at any time and arrange the order.  
  • We will do our best to work with you on desired placement if we can, but we cannot always guarantee where it will be installed in Town.

Sample 24x72 bannerSample 24x72 banner