Urban Bees & Chickens

urban bees and chickens

Council passed Urban Chickens Bylaw 1341/20 and Urban Bees Bylaw 1342/20 on August 10th, 2020. 

These bylaws outline the conditions permitting chickens and beehives to be retained by residents within town limits for personal use only. There are some differences between Nanton and the regulation and processes of other communities, so please do review the bylaws and documents provided here before setting upon a path.

The survey leading to this work can be found on the Public Participation page.


Review the Bee and Chicken Licence Handout  

Fill out a Bee and Chicken application  

Additional Resources - Chickens:

For Provincial and Federal information and regulations on chickens:

Premises Identification Number

Registering for a PID is essential for an approval.  Premises Identification (PID), one of the pillars of traceability, links livestock and poultry to land locations or premises. The Premises Identification Program was established by the Province to plan for, control, and prevent the spread of animal diseases. It is also used as an early warning system to notify animal owners of a natural disaster such as a flood or fire that could affect their animals. Premises Identification (gov.ab.ca) 

Courses & Workshops

The Town does not endorse or provide specific preparatory courses.  Evidence of your having taken an online course or attended a specific workshop on Urban Chickens or Bees of your own selection will be sufficient.  There are various free or affordable offerings available online.