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Contact Municipal Enforcement when you have a bylaw issue or concern around fireworks being discharged.  Call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

The current bylaw addressing the topic of fireworks in Nanton is Bylaw 1372 (2023), the Fire Protection Bylaw.

Section 14 Fireworks

14.1 - No person shall possess, sell, purchase or discharge Fireworks within the Town without a subsisting Fireworks Permit issued pursuant to the Fireworks Code.
A valid Town Fireworks Permit must be presented to the Fire Chief, a Member or Peace Officer upon request.  

IMPORTANT FOR HOMEOWNERS:  Fireworks permits shall not be issued for the purpose of consumer fireworks displays at residential, industrial or commercial properties - this means 'at home' consumer displays are prohibited.

The potential penalties are referenced below.

Section OffencePenalty


Illegally discharging fireworks in Town

$250 (1st)

$500 (2nd)

$1,000 (3rd)

Permit authorizations are dealt with jointly between Town Administration, Municipal Enforcement and the Fire Chief. Please contact the Fire Department with plenty of lead time if you are seeking approval for a fireworks display.


The boundaries of the Town are shown below, but it is important to be aware that firework displays within the M.D. of Willow Creek are also prohibited without the written permission of the Manager of Emergency Services, no permission being available in the event of Fire Restrictions or Bans being in place.