Maintenance FAQs

Weed and Pest Control

The Town does not do this work in-house and usually hires professionally certified experienced professionals when maintaining parks, trails and public open spaces of priority.  There are no restrictive policies on these kinds of weed and pest controls at the municipal level at present.

How do we use selective herbicides?

A qualified professional local area contractor is hired for some of our higher traffic open spaces annually.   This work is part of our regular annual parks and open space maintenance.  A selective herbicide typically works by fertilizing grass while being present in such concentration as to kill other plants like dandelions.  On occasion, a qualified professional will be hired to apply other herbicides for more significant or specialized weed problems.

If you spot particularly noxious, invasive or dangerous weeds on public property, please report them to them to the Town with their specific location(s), ideally with a picture. Weeds of particular concern may be listed here.

What is our approach to ground squirrels/ gophers?

The Town has a Gopher Control Policy that you are encouraged to review.

Gopher Control Policygophers


What happens with various wildlife carcasses?

This is best dealt with on a case-by-case  basis and the Operations Department should be contacted  if there are concerns.  We appreciate the public's assistance with the sanitary disposal of smaller mammals found on roadsides, particularly in boulevards, as a shared responsibility.