Nanton's Urban Forest

Questions around Public Trees in Nanton can land within various departments depending on the nature of the issue or inquiry.  This page is intended to assist with navigation around this and provide key documents and forms for your information. The Town does not regulate trees on private property.

Urban Forest Policy & Recommended Species List

A policy is currently under consideration and will be linked here if/when adopted.

Public Tree Regulation - Bylaw 1349/21

The Public Tree regulatory bylaw can be found here.  It details strict regulations and potential penalties around, for example, unpermitted planting or removal of Public Trees.  The Bylaw outlines the process, for developers and the general public, where there is a desire to undertake actions that could impact one or more Public Trees.  If you are a developer with questions around Public Tree removal or planting, please contact

Municipal enforcement complaints must be undertaken in the usual manner for bylaw infractions by calling the complaint line at 1-403-625-2248.  

Public Tree Cutting Permits

This is a mandatory process, usually requiring CAO approval after discussion with department heads.  The form and information sheet can be downloaded here.  There are some stiff penalties in the bylaw for unpermitted cutting or removal.  Generally, the following conditions need to be met for a cutting or removal approval:

1. A Public Tree is dead or dying, thus a potential hazard 

2. A Public Tree is interfering with utility wires 

3. Public Tree roots interfering with water or sewer lines (public or private side) 

5. A Public Tree is too close to a building face/ roofline/ foundation

6. Removal of Public Tree(s) necessary to facilitate a development 

If applying to remove a tree, you will likely be required to replace it in another location at your own expense, although there are some case-specific considerations for property owners whose sewer and water infrastructure are demonstrably impacted by Public Trees.

Donating a Public Tree

The Town does not have a very large tree planting budget annually and typically can only afford to plant 7-10 new trees per year.  We encourage the public to donate trees for parks and boulevards (average cost $250) under the program detailed here.  Planting locations are not guaranteed as they must conform to current Town plans and priorities.  Memorial or other Tree Donations that are made in someone's name will have a plaque attached to the Donation Wall at Westview Pond (pictured).  Inquiries should initially be directed to

Donation Wall Westview