Standing Committee Volunteer Positions

Volunteer for your Town!

 The Council of the Town of Nanton is currently seeking individuals to volunteer on various 

Council Standing Committees:


Finance Committee 

(Link to Finance Committee application form)

(seeking 2 residents of Nanton)

Services Committee 

(Link to Services Committee application form)

(seeking 2 residents of Nanton)

Economic and Community Development

(Link to Economic and Development Committee application form) 

(seeking 2 residents of Nanton),


Recreation and Culture

(Link to Recreation and Culture Committee application form)  

(seeking 2 residents of Nanton, 2 MDWC residents, 1 MD Ranchland resident)


The Standing Committee Bylaw outlines the terms of reference for committees, membership criteria and mandate for each one.  Members will review and research bylaws, policy, initiatives and programs pertinent to the Committee responsibilities to provide recommendations to the Council of the Town of Nanton.


Further procedural information is provided within the Council and Committee Procedural Bylaw and the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw.


If you think you have the capacity to serve your community in any of these committees, please download the appropriate forms or visit the Nanton Town Office at 1907 – 21 Avenue.

Please have applications submitted by March 31st, 2022 

Thank you for your interest!



A volunteer position as a Town of Nanton Representative

is also open on the

Community Futures Highwood 

Investment Review Committee.

For more information regarding this opportunity, please contact our 

Council Representative, John Dozeman –

Or visit