THRC Outdoor Pool


Please check back in the Spring for dates, schedules and actives.

Pool Rules

  • Pool capacity: 80 people (may change for special events)
  • No tempered glass goggles 
  • No food or open drink containers on deck (water and closed plastic bottles or mugs are allowed)
  • No standing on mats, mats must stay in the shallow end of the pool
  • No back flips off the diving blocks
  • No chicken fights or excessive rough housing
  • Mermaid tails are allowed at the lifeguards’ discretion

Private Lessons

Private lessons are 30 min long and are offered Tuesdays and Thursday from 11:00am-12:00pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 12:00pm-1:00pm. If multiple private lessons are booked for the same child, we will try to schedule the same instructor, however we cannot guarantee this. Multiple children can be registered together for 1 private lesson. 

Parental Supervision Guidelines

Children 4 and under must have a parent (or someone 14+) in the pool with them and be within arms-reach of them.

Children 6 and under must have a parent (or someone 14+) in the pool with them, but do not need to be in arms-reach.

Schools/Day Camps/Groups

Recommended 1 caregiver/adult for every 4 kids, or 1 caregiver/adult for every 8 kids if all children are wearing life jackets/belts.

*Applies only to public swim times, not private rentals. 


Rentals are available Friday’s from 4:30pm-6:30pm or Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 3pm-5pm. If no rentals are booked, then that time will be used for public open swim. In addition we also have mermaid tails, the wibit, or the curling lounge available for private rentals.