Environmental Health

This page is provided for the purpose of sharing important information that residents should be aware of  when it comes to Environmental Health.

1.  Indoor Air Quality - Radon Gas awareness

Radon is an odorless gas produced by uranium decay in rocks and soil.  It is found in every province and Alberta is well known for mostly being "Zone 1" (high potential).  It is a significant cause of lung cancer mortality.  Dwellings constructed prior to 2014 are unlikely to have basements designed for radon venting or mitigation.  It is well worth having your basement, crawlspaces and sleeping areas checked to see if radon levels are above the Health Canada safety threshold of 200 Bq/m³ .  Older homes often have  to add the 4” pipe with the intake flush to the underside of the slab and then vent to the exterior with an inline exhaust fan that is rated for continued use. For newer buildings, the radon rough-in pipe should be installed already and just needs to be completed. All buildings should have ventilation systems, but many older homes may not have ventilation.

Please take some time to educate yourself about radon and your home/ workspace.

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