What are the rules on setbacks, fire pits, barbeques, etc.?

These are all permitted as long as they conform to this bylaw (1372/23) and the Town's Land Use Bylaw, if applicable.

Their use may be prohibited during a fire ban - violation during a ban could lead to a $1,000 fine.

Anything that burns combustible material must comply with the applicable provisions of the Safety Codes Act and the Alberta Building Code, whichever is more prescriptive:

a.         be located in a rear yard with a minimum of 2.5 meters (8 feet) clearance from buildings, property lines and combustible materials, or as otherwise approved by the Fire Chief;


b.         be constructed of bricks or concrete blocks, or heavy gauge metal, or other suitable non-combustible components. 


c.         have a spark arrestor mesh screen of 1.30 centimeters (0.50 inches) expand metal

(or equivalent) to contain sparks over the fire at all times;


d.         be the sole responsibility of the owner or tenant of the Property;


e.         be supervised at all times by a responsible adult person over the age of eighteen

(18) until such time as the fire has been completely extinguished. For the purpose of this clause, a fire shall be deemed to include any hot ashes and smoldering embers resulting from the fire;


f.          only burn clean (dry, untreated) wood, charcoal briquettes, propane or natural gas; and


g.         have flames no higher than ninety (90) cm or three (3 feet) above the fire pit or barbeque fire box.


 During a fire ban, the only fires permitted shall be in portable barbeques which burn propane or natural gas.


Except during a fire ban, fires are permitted within designated Town owned outdoor fireplaces and fire pits located within public areas.

Penalties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd violations

First ViolationSecond ViolationThird Violation

Fire pit, fire place or barbeque not permitted as per provisions of Bylaw




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1. What are the rules on setbacks, fire pits, barbeques, etc.?
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