What are the rules on surveillance cameras and security lighting?

The Community Bylaw was amended in 2023 to address concerns over excessive use of surveillance cameras and security lighting that invade the privacy of neighbours.  It  is not a blanket ban on either; appropriately protecting your property is supported by the Town.  The basic general diagram here should guide you:


Enforcement, as with other bylaws, is complaint-based.  The Town can only enforce its own bylaws and retains significant discretion on enforcement action that is or is not taken in each and every case.  

Footnote:  The purpose of the 2023 amendment was to introduce an enforceable regulation that addresses 'excessive protective elements" on Land and Premises WITHOUT COMPRIMISING the capability of property owners to surveil their own properties and adjacent public boulevards and laneways.   If you have questions about this, contact the Town and obtain accurate information.

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