New Restrictions May 4, 2021

Effective May 5th:


Indoor gatherings

  • All indoor gatherings remain prohibited.

Outdoor gatherings

  • All outdoor social gatherings must be limited to no more than 5 people and a maximum of 2 household cohorts.
  • Mandatory physical distancing must be maintained at all times between members of different households.




  • Retail services must limit customer capacity to 10% of fire code occupancy (not including staff) or a minimum of 5 customers.
  • Shopping mall capacity limits will exclude common area square footage.
  • Curbside pick-up, delivery and online services are encouraged.


Places of Worship


  • Faith services are limited to 15 in-person attendees.
  • Physical distancing between households must be maintained at all times.
  • Virtual or online services are strongly recommended.
  • Drive-in services where people do not leave their vehicles and adhere to guidance are allowed.


  • 10-people maximum for funerals, including participants and guests.
  • Funeral receptions are not permitted.


  • Any workplace, except work camps and essential and critical services, with transmission of 3 or more cases will be required by health officials to close for 10 days.
  • Any workplace that does not comply will be subject to enforcement.
  • Working from home remains mandatory unless the employer requires the employee's physical presence to operate effectively.
  • Where at work for operational effectiveness, employees must mask for all indoor settings, except in work stations or where two-metre physical distancing or adequate physical barriers are in place.

Effective 11:59 pm May 9th:


Fitness, Performance, & Recreation Activities - Indoor and Outdoor


Indoor activities

  • All indoor sport, performance and recreation activities for youth and adults are prohibited.
  • Indoor fitness and recreation facilities must close, including for 1-on-1 training.

Outdoor activities

  • All outdoor sports and recreation activities are prohibited, except with members of your household, or your two close contacts if you live alone. This includes:
  • all group physical activities, such as team sports, fitness classes, training sessions
  • all one-on-one lessons and training activities
  • all practices, training and games
  • Outdoor recreation facilities can remain open unless specifically closed by public health order.

Professional sport organizations

  • Professional sport organizations that have received an exemption can continue, provided protocols are strictly followed.

Personal and Wellness Services

  • Personal and wellness services, including hair salons, barbers, nail salons, estheticians, tattoos and piercing, must close.

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